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Tomes of Evil

Sep 21, 2021

Give in to your anger. It gives you focus. Focus on the next episode of Sanctimony of the Sith!

Sith Lord Russ and Jedi Master Connor dive further into the first Darth Vader series from Marvel. Vader is on the hunt for answers while also working to usurp the throne of the empire.

Also in this episode, Connor talks about...

Sep 17, 2021

Gaze into the face of fear...


After month's of anticipation, the Tomes of Evil gives the floor to the macabre Scarecrow! Justin and Russell discuss the wacky and timely first appearance of The Scarecrow in the pages of World's Finest. All the way back in 1941!

Happy 70th anniversary to the God of Fear, Dr....

Sep 1, 2021

Hobgoblin Historia has returned, this time with a new co-host! 


Justin the Owl joins Russell to discuss the ongoing saga of Spider-Man's torment at the hands of The mysterious Hobgoblin! Some new twists and turns. Backstabbing, double crossing, web slinging! This one has it all


The Amazing Spider-Man #245


Aug 13, 2021

The new status quo is here! and the Shellheads, Sergio & Jeff, have returned to discuss the TMNT's greatest foe...Oroku Saki aka The Shredder

Russell, Justin, Sergio, and Jeff go through entire history of the character, from Mirage to IDW. Plus, you're in for a plethora of funny moments. What do YOU think Charlton...

Aug 13, 2021

Tomes of Evil celebrates its first milestones with the master of magnetism...Magneto


Russell and Justin dive into some of Magneto's greatest stories, from humble beginnings to the camps of Auschwitz to Krakoa.


Special thanks to @xreadspodcast @ReyReyPod @AttilanRising1 for making guest spots!


Also, prepare for...