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Tomes of Evil

Jan 25, 2022

Tomes of Evil's mutant centric show returns with a bang! Russell and Justin discuss the iconic X-Men story of the Mutant Massacre, and this is the first time our two villains stories will align...just not directly. The Marauders are assassinating any and all mutants they can find. Who is their mysterious...

Jan 21, 2022

Former villains take the stage against the Kingpin of Crime/Mayor of NYC as Devil's Reign continues. What is the secret history between Fisk and Frost? How does Elektra factor in? How will the X-Men handle the new threat of The Thunderbolts?

All this, and more as the BIG podcast crossover continues!

PLEASE check out the...

Jan 21, 2022

Tomes of Evil enters the Collective's Devil Reign podcast crossover! Russell and Justin cover the Villains for Hire Devil's Reign tie-in featuring The Thunderbolts!

Agony, Whiplash, Rhino, Electro, and Taskmaster are given power by Wilson Fisk to operate as a police force against vigilantism. That works out well,...

Jan 21, 2022

Who is Arthur Harrow? Russell and Justin explore the (bare bones) history of Ethan Hawke's mysterious character from the upcoming Moon Knight Disney+ show. We go through Harrow's one and ONLY comic book appearance and try to piece together what his role could be in the show and will he be fused with another villain?


Jan 17, 2022

Come in, lie down, relax for your next appointment with Dr. Crane. Dive further into THE FEAR FILES with the Scarecrow's second appearance. It's another absurdity from the Golden Age as Scarecrow entangles Batman and Robin in a twisted plot of...rhyming, wrestling, and hats.

Stay tuned to the end for a special...