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Tomes of Evil

Jun 27, 2022

Thought we were done with Moon Knight villains? Not by a long shot. We're joined by one of the dastardly memers from Moon Knight-core and Charltonposting, MOONMIN David.

David joins Russell and Justin to discuss the God of the Moon, Khonshu. Is he truly a villain? Find out here!

Plus a special Tomes of Evil's version...

Jun 10, 2022

Join Russell (with some slight audio issues) and Justin as they take a deep dive on the complete history of ZODIAK

No...Not that Zodiac, or the team called Zodiac. This is the GHOST RIDER villain Zodiak. A demented serial killer with mysterious abilities. Can the Spirit of Vengeance stop him?

PLUS, all the usual Russ...

May 20, 2022

Scarlet Scarab made their MCU debut during the season finale of Moon Knight, but did you know that name was originally attached to a villain?

Russell and Justin discuss the villainous Scarlet Scarab, a foe of the WWII era super team the Invaders, and how the comic book version aligns with Layla from Moon Knight


May 17, 2022

....We're not going to sugar coat it. This might be the worst villain, and the worst story, we've ever discussed on Tomes of Evil. And when you're talking about bad comics, you have to call in the expert. Justin and Russell are joined by Mike from the Multiverse of Badness podcast to discuss...*sigh* Fasaud


Apr 18, 2022

Marvel Comics writer Jed Mackay returns to Tomes of Evil!

Russell (who's microphone went bad and is using a crappy one) and Justin chat with Jed about some of the more minor foes he's brought in to his Moon Knight run, including Tomes favorite MAN MOUNTAIN MARKO.

Also, hear Jed's thoughts on John Carpenter, Alpha...