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The Tomes of Evil Podcast Network

Nov 28, 2022

Your vampiric hosts return for the first non-Dracula episode of the show. Russell and Justin discuss I, Vampire from House of Mystery written by JM DeMatteis and art by Tom Sutton from DC Comics. Afterwards, they discuss the dream like Vampyr from 1932. 

Oct 15, 2022

Good Evening

Welcome to the first episode of our brand new show all about the vampires of the comic book realm

In our first episode, Russell and Justin excavate the TOMB OF DRACULA. Who is Frank Drake? And what does he want with Castle Dracula? The Count rises in this classic from the bronze age

In addition, the crew...

Oct 3, 2022

Hobgoblin Historia LIVES!


The Tomes of Evil crew are back after a brief hiatus, and they've brought an old friend along with them. Join Russell and Justin as they welcome back THE HOBGOBLIN in this new, and improved version of the show

The lads will be going page by page through each appearance of The Hobgoblin...

Sep 30, 2022

Long time no see Tomes fans

We're very close to bringing you our new lineup, but to wet your appetite, here's the first episode of another pod Justin and Russell started with their good friend Rey.

It's a podcast dedicated to the universe's most infamous hunters, the Yautja...The...

Aug 5, 2022

God is Coming? God is here. Russell and Justin discuss one of the most recent villains we've ever discussed, KNULL. We dive into Knull's 1st apperance, origin, and his battles with Venom, Silver Surfer, and Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

ALSO: Updates on the future of Tomes of Evil!