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The Tomes of Evil Podcast Network

Jul 24, 2021

Journey once again to the darkside as we discuss Dathomir's favorite son, Darth Maul.

We cover Darth Maul by Cullen Bunn & Luke Ross #1-5, a tale taking place right before Episode 1: Phantom Menace. Connor and I have very different takes on this one.


This episode is a bit of an experiment. I'm offering this up to you...

Jul 22, 2021

The dream demon invades the mind's of Moon Knight. Enter: Morpheus


Russell is joined by Chase, the admin of the Moon Knight fan website! Together they discuss one of Moon Knight's few superpowered foes, Morpheus.

Check out Chase's amazing site at

and his own...

Jul 21, 2021

Moon Knight Villain Mania continues...Blood is thicker than water.


ITK High Priest (Priestess?) Rebecca joins to chat about Moon Knight's maniacal brother, Randall Spector aka The Hatchet Man aka Shadow Knight! Hear the...convoluted history of one of Moony's most terrifying...

Jul 16, 2021

Our summer crossover event is here! Moon Knight Villain Mania! Our first lunar lunatic profile is on Bushman! I'm joined by ITK alum The Power of Chad

Chad and I discuss Bushman's first appearance and it's ties to Moony's origin, as well as various other stories including The Bottom!


All that and...

Jul 6, 2021

It's finally here! The legendary JM DeMatteis, writer on such comics as Defenders, Captain America, Spider-Man, Doctor Fate, The Specter, and more!


JM and Russell discuss some of the darker characters he's created, like Lord Andrew Bennett and The Gargoyle. We also discuss his love of Kirby, writing supernatural...