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The Tomes of Evil Podcast Network

Sep 30, 2021

Bring out your HISS tanks and your weather dominator machine and join Justin and Russell to discuss the tyrannical leader of the Cobra terrorist organization, Cobra Commander


Justin and Russell are joined by Capes and Lunatics/Capes and Lunatics Sidekicks host, Phil Perich. We go through some of the most notable...

Sep 28, 2021

Another sub show coming your way!!

Deathstroke has been a focal point of the DC universe for 40 years. The character has gone from incredible highs to absolute bottom of the barrel lows. And we're going to cover them all!




Sep 28, 2021

Meanwhile, at the hall of Doom...


Join us for another new sub show, Challenge of the Super Fiends, the comic book history of DC's Anti-Justice League. This series will chronicle The Secret Society, the Legion of Doom, and more!


First episode we discuss Secret Society of Super Villains #1

Sep 21, 2021

Give in to your anger. It gives you focus. Focus on the next episode of Sanctimony of the Sith!

Sith Lord Russ and Jedi Master Connor dive further into the first Darth Vader series from Marvel. Vader is on the hunt for answers while also working to usurp the throne of the empire.

Also in this episode, Connor talks about...

Sep 17, 2021

Gaze into the face of fear...


After month's of anticipation, the Tomes of Evil gives the floor to the macabre Scarecrow! Justin and Russell discuss the wacky and timely first appearance of The Scarecrow in the pages of World's Finest. All the way back in 1941!

Happy 70th anniversary to the God of Fear, Dr....